Handphone-less Day 2: Optimism


Day 2 of my week-long life without a cellphone. Feelin’ pretty good. The lack of entertainment while on commute is probably the biggest bummer, but otherwise everything’s pretty normal.

Today’s observations:

1. I thought not having a cellphone would make me more productive at work, but sloth always finds a way.

2. My cellphone doubles as an alarm clock, so I had to find an alternative. http://onlineclock.net/ is the most annoying way imaginable to wake up. Probably a good thing.

I anticipate my optimism will run out soon enough, but for now I’m feeling  surprisingly less dependent on my phone than I thought I would. 5 days to go.


The Handphone-less Chronicles: The Blackest Night


I gotta go a week without a cellphone. I’m going to try and post how I feel about it every night, so you can all watch my descent into insanity.

It’s my first cellphone-less night, here are my observations so far:

1. I check my phone for the time even though I wear a watch. Only found out because I caught myself looking for a phone that wasn’t there, while wearing a watch. Idiot.

2. I think in Facebook status updates. This was very sad to realize. Like my inner voice literally narrates like a status update, phrasing things in a way that sounds the most fun and interesting. I should really stop thinking about what I should post on FB to entertain people, and think about myself a bit more.

So far, I’m a little more irritable than normal, but I’m still optimistic that I can do this. I refuse to believe that the 15 year-old me who was perfectly fine without a cellphone is more well-adjusted and less dependent on technology than I am now. Fuck that little bitch.

The First Post


Beginnings are always interesting.

As a species, we love beginnings and origins, as apparent by the number of Batman and Superman movie reboots.

However, this blog’s beginning is not intended to be particularly interesting.

This photo-less piece of shit post is less than a drop of water in an ocean of thoughts we call the internet.

It’s not interesting, but it is special. Because it is a herald for things to come. Maybe many super interesting posts will come after this.

Maybe my next post will be about curing world hunger. Or I might post definitive proof there is a God.

But not today, and not in this post.