The Handphone-less Chronicles: The Blackest Night


I gotta go a week without a cellphone. I’m going to try and post how I feel about it every night, so you can all watch my descent into insanity.

It’s my first cellphone-less night, here are my observations so far:

1. I check my phone for the time even though I wear a watch. Only found out because I caught myself looking for a phone that wasn’t there, while wearing a watch. Idiot.

2. I think in Facebook status updates. This was very sad to realize. Like my inner voice literally narrates like a status update, phrasing things in a way that sounds the most fun and interesting. I should really stop thinking about what I should post on FB to entertain people, and think about myself a bit more.

So far, I’m a little more irritable than normal, but I’m still optimistic that I can do this. I refuse to believe that the 15 year-old me who was perfectly fine without a cellphone is more well-adjusted and less dependent on technology than I am now. Fuck that little bitch.


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