Survive! Mola Mola Walkthrough


For a game that’s quickly gaining popularity among people with nothing better to do who are awesome at everything forever, there isn’t a single English guide to be found anywhere. I’m the kind of guy who loves filling niches, so I threw together this quick and dirty guide to raising the ultimate Mola Mola.

UPDATE: Given the popularity of this post, I owe it to all you Mola Mola lovers that I do this right. I’ve figured out pretty much everything this game currently has to offer, which will be available below. So naturally, Spoiler Alert!

What is Survive! Mola Mola?

It’s a game where you raise a Mola Mola, also known by the name Sunfish. Yes it’s a real animal, and it looks like this:

As you can see, Mola Mola are huge, so in this game it’s your job to make your Mola Mola grow as big as possible.
However, you won’t gain much weight by eating cheap plankton- to quickly get your Mola Mola to unchartered levels of obesity, you need to purchase upgrades using mana, and by finding new ways to kill your Mola Molas (nooo) which give future Mola Molas additonal weight bonuses.

The maximum bonus you can get is +765%, so finding every death method possible is the key to raising the biggest Mola Mola you can.


As mentioned earlier, mana is needed to purchase three categories of power-ups: Adventures, Food, and Food Count.

Adventures can be embarked on every hour, but the adventure you go on is randomly picked from the ones you’ve unlocked. The chance to die on an adventure starts off at 50%, and subsequent deaths lower the death chance to 75%, 95% and 99% respectively. You gain a weight bonus for dying on an adventure for the first time. The adventures you can unlock are:

  1. Itchy Body
  2. Ocean-Bottom Buffet
  3. Hidden Treasure
  4. Sunbathing
  5. Hello Mr. Turtle
  6. Fish Heaven
  7. Feathered Friends
  8. Mola Mola Rescue
  9. Towards the Light
  10. Further South Buffet (Hard Mode Only)
  11. The Secret to Getting Bigger (Hard Mode Only)

The second unlockable section is food. This probably has the biggest impact on the speed at which you grow larger, as you can gain well over 250kg from a single bite of the best food at the maximum weight bonus. You have an 8% chance of possibly dying from eating new food, which then sets to 99.9%.

You start off with the basic plankton, and the additonal food you may purchase are:

  1. Jellyfish
  2. Squid
  3. Shrimp
  4. Sardine
  5. Crab
  6. Scallop
  7. Oyster
  8. Lobster
  9. Giant Clam (Hard Mode Only)
  10. Giant Squid (Hard Mode Only)
  11. Tasmanian Giant Crab (Hard Mode Only)

The last unlockable category is Food Count. This increases the rate at which food appears on your screen. There are a total of 24 levels you may purchase, whereby at the final level your screen is littered with food too numerous to count after a mere minute.

You might be curious about hard mode now, but don’t worry about it just yet. I’ll explain it in due time.

Mola Forms

As you gain weight, your Mola Mola will change in appearance. There are a total of 14 Mola Mola forms, which I will list below:

      1. Sugar Ball
      2. Baby
      3. Kid
      4. Young Man
      5. Young Celebrity (300kg)
      6. Mola King (1,000kg)
      7. Aquarium King (2,500kg): at 5,000kg, you are offered two evolutionary paths. Voyager has additional evolutionary paths in Hard Mode while the Living Legend will die at 10,000kg.
      8. Living Legend (Choose ‘Blessings’)
      9. Voyager (Choose ‘Freedom and Hope’)
      10. Indian Ocean King (Voyager at 10,000kg, Hard Mode only)
      11. Antarctic Ocean King
      12. Atlantic Ocean King
      13. Arctic Ocean King
      14. Pacific Ocean King

Dumb Ways To Die

As mentioned earlier, you gain a 15% weight bonus every time you die in a new way. Here’s a list of all the current means of killing off your Mola Mola, which I mostly got from this site. Domo arigatou, Mr. Roboto.

1. Die eating every type of food- I already listed all the food types above, so just die eating every single one of them.

2. Die on every adventure- As straightforward as the above method. May take some time if you’re unlucky in getting the adventure you want to appear.

3. Die from touching- Tap on your Mola Mola a lot (I’m not sure how much, I hear 3,000 times) and it’ll die. After your Mola Mola dies, the Mola Molas that follow develop a 100% immunity to death from this method, so you can tap them as much as you want.

4. Flash- Using the in-game screenshot taker, take 10 screenshots of your Mola Mola. It’ll die. Like above, it’ll only work once.

5. Foam in Eye- Shake your phone furiously for about a minute. If you’re doing it right, you should see a lot of bubbles on your screen. RIP Mola Mola. Only works once. (PS: I’m not sure if this works on every phone model, but as far as I know there hasn’t been anyone who this hasn’t worked for.)

6. Horrible Eyesight- This one’s my favorite. Turn your phone brightness down to the lowest level, and wait a while. Your Mola Mola will die from colliding in the side of the tank. Only works once.

7. Stuck as an Egg Forever- “Alice Rawkz” shared this death method, which I couldn’t find any info about. With this, we have the complete list of every way to die. Kudos, Alice Rawkz 🙂

At the intro page after starting with a new Mola Mola, do not skip the intro. Swipe your screen (while taking care not to hit the ‘Skip’ button) and remove all the eggs around. You’ll trigger a sudden death.

8. Natural Causes- Raise your Mola Mola to 5,000kg, and pick the “Blessings” evolution path to evolve into a Living Legend. Your Mola Mola will die of old age at 10,000kg. You can do this as many times as you want, but you’ll only get the weight bonus on your first time.

On Normal Mode, the maximum weight bonus you can get is 15*(8+9+6)= 345%. However, by advancing to Hard Mode, you can get way more bonuses, as well as bonus content.

Hard Mode

Once you hit 5,000kg with any of your Mola Molas, you will unlock Hard Mode, which you can advance to for 10,000 mana. Going into Hard Mode resets all your death percentage chances, and allows you to get weight bonuses on all the death methods, even the ones you previously already discovered. You will also get to keep your current weight bonuses. In short: you can more than double your weight bonuses by playing again on Hard Mode.

There is also a lot of additional content on Hard Mode, including new Mola Mola forms and new adventures/food/food count to unlock.

Additional adventure/food unlocks can be purchased when you hit certain weight limits (I can’t remember what they are, sorry, but just get as fat as you can and that oughta do it!)


      •  Obviously, to get the largest Mola Mola you can, you’re going to want to do two things: get every weight bonus you can, and purchase every unlockable.
      • To purchase every unlockable, a large amount of mana is needed. To farm mana as quickly as possible, pick ‘Blessings’ at 5,000kg and die of old age at 10,000kg. Even on Hard Mode, the Pacific Ocean King gives the same amount of mana at death (5,000). If your weight bonuses are near maxed out, farming 10,000 mana takes only a matter of minutes.
      • In order to get every weight bonus you can, it’s very important you do not enter Hard Mode until you have unlocked every death method on Normal Mode, because you may not return to Normal Mode once you switch over. If you get every weight bonus on Normal Mode and then switch over to Hard and get every weight bonus available there, you’ll get a grand weight bonus total of 765%.
      • Having said that, do not recklessly use every death method every chance you get, especially methods 3-7 which are available at any time. While you will get a big boost in weight bonuses, you will not acquire much mana, and more importantly it’ll be difficult to kill your Mola Mola off later when you might really need to. I recommend raising your Mola to at least the Aquarium King level before using the special death methods, so you get a good mix of weight bonuses as well as mana.

That’s about everything you need to know about this game. If you have any additional information or comments, let me know in the comments section below! LET’S MOLA MOLA!


78 thoughts on “Survive! Mola Mola Walkthrough

  1. Thanks so much for the guide! I want to first off confirm that I have a motorola photon 4G and shaking the phone works for that particular method of death.

    Secondly, I’m a bit confused and curious about what you said about hard mode–you said weight bonuses will not increase, but went on to say it’s an opportunity to double your weight bonuses (which makes me assume the first part was a typo).

    A way to improve the guide would be to list the various levels of evolution, as this was one of the things I was curious about and had difficulties finding information on when I first started.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your interest in the guide!

      I was overseas for the last week, during which time I played the shit out of this game and i’ve figured out everything except one last death method I can’t find. I’ll get around to overhauling this guide sometime later today, so look forward to that! I’ll include the evolution details as well. 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for the guide! It was rly helpful! I would never have thought of shaking my phone violently to kill the mola.
    I am still missing one death, if you look at the collection it is the next one after horrible eyesight (left from natural cause). Have you figured out what it is? I hope you have! I searched all over the internet but couldnt fond any clue at all!
    I would reaaaaalllyyyy appreciate it if you would share it. Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest in the guide! I can’t figure out that death either- it’s really bugging me! If you do figure it out, let me know!

  3. Hello hello 🙂
    After seeing this post I finally found the last way for Mola to die (from the sudden death collection boxes).
    Thank you for the useful tip.

    Here I am to share an info a.k.a a spoiler of Mola’s dumbest way to die that you didn’t mention here.
    This method is only applicable once and cannot be performed when you just started this game (brand new, or your Mola #1)

    At the intro page where a huge golden fish egg is seen, do not do 2 things:
    1. Do not skip
    2. Do not press anything before the light goes dim or else the app will crash and the intro page is gone

    After the light turns dim and intro begins, remove all the smaller, more visible fish eggs away.
    There are two methods of doing this, however avoid the “Skip” button at all cost:
    1. Tap the eggs till they disappear
    2. Swipe your screen
    I find the latter one more useful. If you do it correctly, you’ll get a sudden death.

    Enjoy Mola-ing people.

    1. Dude! Thanks! I will test it out and then write the guide again. I heard rumors you can die at the loading screen, but I never knew how! Thanks so much!

      1. Sorry for the very late reply.
        You’re welcome 🙂 I got this info from other sites too but I can’t remember where.
        (If I remember where I got it from, I’ll cite the page.)

  4. I notice that adventure’s survival rate can be increased from 95% to 99%.
    Also I found that we are missing 1 cause of death since beside food and adventures, there are 6 boxes left and your list only describe 5.

    1. Yeah, another player replied with the missing death method which I will add soon. You’re right on the survival rates, too- I put this guide together on my second day of playing, now I’ve figured out everything and I’m gonna rewrite it again to include everything. Thanks!

  5. Actually, the trigger for old age death isnt time but acheiving 100,000kg as a living legend. Finaly fnished mola bar? Be rewarded with death 🙂

    1. It’s actually 10,000kg, but you’re right! If you’re grinding for mana, choosing to die of old age is the fastest way to get mana. Thanks for the help! I’m gonna be rewriting a large portion of this guide, so look forward to that!

  6. HI, great walkthrough.
    However I have trouble to get “died from touching too much”. I have touched more than 3000 times (the proof is I got the achievement).
    But my Mola just won’t die… 😦

    1. Hey man,

      That’s strange! You are tapping on the mola, right?

      Maybe you can check if you already activated that death but didn’t notice. Try checking your collection menu.

      Although this might be a game bug. another user wrote to say the same thing. I think the game has since updated, so maybe something is wrong. I’ll let you know if I hear anything!

    2. Try using 2 fingers (ie index and middle) alternating taps by ‘twiddling’ – you can go a lot faster with a lot more taps per second!

  7. Hello! First of all, thanks so much for the guide! It’s super helpful, and my friends and I have been using it a lot!

    We’re all stuck on the tapping death, though. None of us can get it! I even dedicated a solid hour and a half or so yesterday to tapping absentmindedly while doing other things, and then my mola died from something else. I must’ve gotten at least 3000 taps! Do you have any advice for us? ;w;

    1. Hey dude,that’s strange because I did it in under 10mins while sitting on the toilet.

      You should be tapping on the mola mola,not just anywhere on the screen. If you’re doing it right, you should see the mola kind of get bigger and smaller when tapped on. Good luck!

      1. Hello again! Thanks for the reply!

        I was definitely tapping the mola! My friend figured it out for me. Apparently you have to tap it really, really fast. She got my mola to die in under a minute with her speed tapping!

        Thanks again for taking the time to write up this page! I’ll be checking back frequently! ^w^

  8. i am playing this on my galaxy tab and have been trying the “Foam in Eye” death for over half an hour. Could it be… the tab is too big for this?! It’s playing the life of a android user on hard mode!

    no, honestly, i have no idea how to shake it such that i get more than 5 bubbles on screen at a time. I am tired as the tab weighs 3 times as much.

    1. Hi!

      I was afraid of this- it’s possible your phone doesn’t have the ability to detect it’s being shaken. It could be due to a whole bunch of things, but you can try shaking it up and down or left and right, or try looking in your settings to see if there’s any setting you can turn on that can help. Sorry I can’t help further! Let me know if you figure it out 🙂

      1. Hey, just wanted to say that this one doesn’t seem to work for the iPad either (though I got a workout shaking it in different ways…) Thanks for the walkthrough!

      2. Hey dude! Thanks for the info! And no worries, glad this was helpful! 🙂

    1. Hi!

      It took me a couple of tries as well- just swipe around a lot and try to remove as many eggs as fast as you can. Sorry I can’t give better advice. Good luck!

  9. hello! thank you for this article it helped me a lot!

    I was having trouble getting the flash thing to work I took at least 20 photos and I’m just confused now. ps: I got the horrible eyesore thing on accident and I was mad! thank you for clearing that up! :3

    1. Hi!

      Other people seem to be having the problem too- it might be a game bug. Make sure you’re tapping on the mola itself, that’s all the advice i have, sorry!

    1. Hi Edward,

      I’ve got no additional info other than what’s already written in the guide 🙂 Turn down your phone brightness to the minimum and wait about 5 minutes. That’s what did it for me. Good luck!

  10. Hello, did anyone know what happen after the bar is completed in Pacific Ocean King? My mola mola died around 80,000 kg TWICE (both in adventure with 99.9% chance =_=) I’m curious because there’s still progress bar in Pacific Ocean King even though it is the final form (for now).

    1. Hi! The progress bar means nothing, there’s pretty much nothing else after the Pacific Ocean King. There is an achievement for reaching 200,000kg though.

  11. Hello!! Thank you very much for the article. I really appreciate it. I just want to ask one thing. Is HARD MODE triggered automatically when the mola raise 5.000 kilos or we just can stay at normal mode as long as i want until i get all unlockables?

    1. It is unlocked at 5,000kg, you have to spend 10,000 mana to activate it. So yes you can stay in normal mode for as long as you want first. 🙂

  12. I have a question about moving from normal to hard mode… I moved on without first getting the highest weight bonus I could. So, when I discover a new death, will I gain only 15% or will it stack to 30% since I didn’t discover it in normal mode?

    1. You will only gain 15%. Since you have moved on to hard mode, it’s impossible for you to get the highest weight bonus possible.

  13. HI! I just enter hard mode and I can’t seem to see any new adventure or food available to purchase. Can I ask how to get those new food and adventure? Thanks

    1. Hi baby!

      When you hit the 5000kg weight, choose ‘freedom and hope.’ As you clear the 5 great oceans, the new foods and adventures (as well as max food on screen) unlockables will be purchasable. Hope that helps!

  14. Your guide has been really helpful for me! I’ve been obsessed with getting all the deaths and as big a mola mola as I can find (even going for the Google Account achievements that have no weight in the game itself lol) so thanks for putting this up!

    I’d just like to say that in Hard Mode, anything above the (I think) Arctic/Atlantis Ocean King’s death gives you 10,000MP for its death. The Indian Ocean King still gives you 5,000MP.

    1. Hi Norbert,

      Glad you found it useful! And thanks for the info, I’ll make a quick edit to the guide. Thanks!

  15. i have at last reached the hard mode using the guide but it seems like i am unable to unlock any hard mode content at the moment despite being in hard mode. im not able to get food pass lobster or adventure pass the light. why is that so? Is there any other requirements to unlock new food or adventure in hard mode?

    1. hey dude,

      You need to start taking on the 5 Ocean Kings challenge. Just get bigger, as you unlock each ocean king you’ll unlock the extra bits. 🙂

  16. For anyone having issues with getting mola to die from touching try using 2 fingers on the same hand to tap it (like you’re typing) + NOT eat anything if possible. I got it the first time in normal mode avoiding food and aiming for 3000 touches, I got the 3000 touches achievement first. The second time in hard mode I used 2 fingers and just spam it, got it in less than 30 seconds (I killed 2 birds with 1 stone by also getting the die 50 times achievement lol).

    Thing is, so far I haven’t died from 99.9% survival rate from eating bait, does anyone know if there’s a trick to it? Or you just to be really lucky (or unlucky) to get it?

  17. HIII
    my molamola won’t die from brightness..?
    how long would i have to wait for it to die?
    I’ve waited for a minute or two but it stays alive T^T

    1. Hey Jake! I waited about 5mins maybe. Just turn your phone brightness all the way down. All the way. Good luck!

  18. Thank you soooo much for the walkthrough. Lol. I’m a people with nothing to do. Lol lol

    For dying from touching too much: you don’t have to touch on it soooo many times, but very fast that it looks like an overblown balloon. Then it will die. ;D

  19. Thanks for the help! I don’t know that there’s other thing that can gain weight bonuses than touching mola. (Except for adventuring and eating. Yay! \(^o^)/ ) However, I can’t get the horrible eyeseight because since beginning I played it with low brightness.

    I’ve tried to put the brightness on max then lowered it back and waited for ten minutes and mola still not die yet ;w;
    Is there anything wrong with it?

    1. Wow, I have no idea! Try setting it to the brightest setting for awhile before turning it down again? Good luck!

  20. Hey, me too! I can’t get my mola to die, I’ve been trying for about 3 days. Turning it to lowest brightness. My friends say that you should cover the front camera as well. But it has never worked for me. I’m at a loss because that’s the only sudden death I have left other than adventures I have left.

  21. I unlocked hard mode but I cannot purchase any of the hard mode adventures or foods. They don’t even show up on the purchase menu.

    1. Hi Dennis, sorry if I wasn’t clear. The adventures and food are unlocked when you progress further in hard mode by unlocking the 5 great ocean king mola forms. 🙂

  22. I keep seeing people on Twitter whose mola has died of “parasites”, but I’m on hard mode and I haven’t had this happen yet and it’s not on your list of ways to die

    1. Hi Jorgon, I haven’t played the latest version of the game so I don’t know if they added any additional content, but as of the last version these are all the available death methods 🙂

  23. Is there any reason to buy all the top-tier “food count” bonuses before going into Hard Mode? Obviously, you want all the food types and adventure types so you can die and get the weight bonus, but do the food counts carry over at all?

    1. Hi!

      Everything carries over, basically. It’s not necessary to max it out before going into hard mode, but it’s definitely something you want to get more of early on since it’s relatively cheap.

  24. I got the “die from brightness” by accident, cause my phone was low battery…and I had just spent 5k to get the cat.

    Bought cat, 3 seconds later, THUNK. Dead mola.

  25. Great guide! Also, do. you know how much weight and mola points you gain from “Adventure with cats “?And is it worth it to buy cat?

    1. Hi! Thanks!

      Sorry but I have no clue about the new update because I’ve stopped playing the game, hahaha.

  26. Such a great guide!
    I can’t figure out how to die with the lobster. Sounds silly but its just always a “misunderstanding” and never sudden death. What am I doing wrong here .-.

    1. Hi Sara- Thanks!

      You just need to keep eating the lobsters. You’ll get the death eventually. It’s a luck-based thing.

      In other words- you’re doing nothing wrong. Keep at it!

    1. Hi Abbey,

      It sure does! I’m using an Android myself. Just lower your screen brightness to a minimum and wait a few minutes.

      1. Hmmm…. really? Do you have to reach the Living Legend size before it’s open? Because I’ve turned the brightness as low as it will go, I’m Aquarium King size, and I leave it for quite a while…. and nothing happens.

  27. Hi, i am in hard mode but it is not showing the new foods and adventure to unlock.
    Is there anything i have to do to unlock the new foods to be bought?
    Anyway, great guide, things a lot!!!

    1. Hi! You’re welcome!

      You need to purchase the new foods and adventures, which will be made available as your weight increases and as you unlock the new forms. Good luck!

  28. Hey Sweetcheeks!

    Thank you so, so much for this very useful and great guide. It has helped me with a lot of the deaths (wow, that sounds morbid). I only have two little additions: I think you should change the Tapping Death, since I tried the 3000 tappings and it didn’t do anything for about ten minutes, then, after reading some comments I tried tapping it fast with two fingers and literally did it in ten seconds. 🙂
    Also maybe clarify that the Hard Mode food and adventures will only appear after roaming the oceans when choosing Adventure.
    But other than that, such a great and also funny guide, thank you for everything. 🙂


    1. Hey!

      I think it really does come down to how many taps you make 🙂 You probably just came really close to the limit and hit it when you switched tapping styles lol.

      Yeah will change the part about the hard mode food and adventures. people seem to be struggling with that.


  29. hey not sure if you’re still here , does it has anyway to prevent evolving myself to hard mode? trying to unlock every bonus i have before entering hardmode but seems hard to control :/

    and does it matter if i choose to die in any form? for adventure, even in non-celebrity form.

    1. Hi,

      1) You can go into hard mode anytime you want, so unlock every bonus first before doing so 🙂
      2) It does not matter which form you die in! Die anytime you want! 🙂

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