Monsters Of The Sea- Deeply Disappointing


This weekend I attended the ‘Monsters Of The Sea‘ exhibit currently going on at the Science Centre. Two years back I went to a dinosaur exhibit they had, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. They had tonnes of real and replica dinosaur fossils, plus a huge-ass animatronic Carnosaur (maybe it was a T-Rex?) that’s sheer scale and movements really left a deep impression with me.

So when I heard that the Science Centre was doing a similar exhibit with prehistoric sea monsters, I wasted no time in asking my friends to join me. To summarize how I feel about the exhibit right now, let me lead with this- I know that I can never return them the time wasted at the exhibit, but at the very least I should own up to my mistake and reimburse┬áthem for their $20 entry fees (Marian and Evelyn, if you’re reading this, don’t hold me to that).