Monsters Of The Sea- Deeply Disappointing


This weekend I attended the ‘Monsters Of The Sea‘ exhibit currently going on at the Science Centre. Two years back I went to a dinosaur exhibit they had, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. They had tonnes of real and replica dinosaur fossils, plus a huge-ass animatronic Carnosaur (maybe it was a T-Rex?) that’s sheer scale and movements really left a deep impression with me.

So when I heard that the Science Centre was doing a similar exhibit with prehistoric sea monsters, I wasted no time in asking my friends to join me. To summarize how I feel about the exhibit right now, let me lead with this- I know that I can never return them the time wasted at the exhibit, but at the very least I should own up to my mistake and reimburse them for their $20 entry fees (Marian and Evelyn, if you’re reading this, don’t hold me to that).

The Lies I Tell Myself At Night To Justify The $20 Ticket Purchase

So before I go into what makes the exhibit a hot mess, let’s talk about the things I like. I’m positive that way.

There were some pretty big models. The Plesiosaur was as ridiculously long-necked as the original, and the 1:1 Megalodon replica made me feel thankful I never have to go swimming with one.


There was a pretty fun, albeit unrelated strongman game where you hit a marker as hard as you can with a hammer, which will then score you on the amount of force you exerted.

Unfortunately, those are the only good parts of the exhibit I enjoyed. Now on to the scathing remarks.


The exhibit consisted mostly of animatronics and models, but they were not particularly well-made.

Every single model was just incredibly straight. They looked less like monsters that roamed the sea millions of years ago, and more like a fish you would mount above your mantelpiece:



Motion-wise, the models that moved were incredibly rigid in their motion. It’s almost as if they weren’t really alive at all, but secretly robots under a resin-like skin!!! (jokes aside, they were really shit.)

Another huge problem I’m sure you’ve realized by now is that the entire exhibit area is a very strange blue and orange. While I understand the aesthetic reason for picking blue and orange (they are the two most constrasting colors), it actually does little for immersion, and makes photo-taking a nightmare.

Not being able to take a decent photo in that lighting was a letdown. How am I supposed to show people on my Facebook that I lead a full life on the weekends??


Super lame plasticky jellyfish. Even children don’t want to look at them.


Another strange issue is that they repeat the information signs for the exhibits. I counted a total of 3 separate signs talking about the Megalodon, each with the exact same information and text. It’s like they accidentally printed too many, and decided to put the signs up for the sake of it. I actually find it terribly insulting that they did so. It’s as if they’re implying exhibit-goers suffer from short-term memory loss, or that we have learning disabilities.

The side entertainment was mediocre at best. They had two TV-watching sections with limited seats, showing short documentaries on the deep sea creatures. People were only sitting there to try and waste time, as if attempting to get their money’s worth for the relatively small-scale exhibition.

For the little ones, they had a jigsaw puzzle, a sandbox with fake fossils, and a coloring station. Nothing terrible, but if you factor in the $20 entrance fee it kind of feels like a “fuck you.”


Pretty cool, but why the crappy lighting, Science Centre?


Final Score: 4/10

Would not recommend, not for $20. Maybe for ten, and if you lived nearby.

As far as I’m concerned, the low quality of this exhibit has violated my trust in the Science Centre, and I’m going to make sure I read review of future exhibits before deciding to attend.


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