Kuanyi’s 2016 Resolutions


In recent years, it has been cool to look at New Year resolutions as a waste of time.

I remember reading an article awhile back that said actually verbalizing and sharing your goals with people releases a chemical in your brain that makes you feel like you already accomplished said goal, making you less likely to actually succeed in doing so.

But because I am disgustingly hipster, it is exactly because New Year resolutions are considered lame that I am going to make some.

Because in the same way that I am going to be writing my company’s 2016 marketing proposal tomorrow, I think goal setting is important. Somewhat. Let’s get to it.

  1. Improve my Japanese speaking/reading. Try to learn 5 new words a day.
  2. Finish that short story that’s been in production limbo for over a year. Giving myself till end February.
  3. Blog more. (already winning) At least a post a week.
  4. Save more money. Learn how to invest my money and make that shit work for me.
  5. Finish that damn Outworld Devourer drawing I’ve been working on for six months. Do a CG every week after.
  6. Finish all the gunpla in my room (4.5 to go). Work on getting better at building.
  7. Work harder at my job. Make more shit happen.
  8. Pick up a new skill. Maybe dancing, or a musical instrument, or videography.
  9. Exercise. Twice a week. If I can’t make boxing class I’ll work out on my own.
  10. Work harder on treating others with respect, and not hurting people.

I think ten goals are do-able, right? Some of them seem really ambitious, but I think learning five new Japanese words a day isn’t ridiculous. It’s a 10min time commitment I can make on the way to work. It’s more about making that commitment, I guess.

You might have noticed I made no relationship goals for 2016- probably because I think I just want to let it happen organically. I did a lot of online dating in 2015, a ridiculous amount, actually. I think at this point I have a pretty good idea of what’s out there, and I’d rather just let things happen if they’re meant to.

So, let’s go make 2016 awesome.



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